This privacy policy discloses the ways in which our website gathers and uses website visitors’ data.


What type of information do we collect?

We collect the name, email address, URL, company name, company designation, and comments of visitors to our website.  Additional information may be requested from website visitors through relevant contact forms we periodically create for specific marketing campaigns.

Our website does not collect information other than those we expressly request from visitors but some information may be automatically collected by our website hosting platform and/or third parties they deal with.  In this case, you may send us a request for this specific information and we will forward your request to our hosting platform. You may also view their privacy notice at


How do we collect information?

We collect our site visitors’ information through contact forms they voluntarily fill out when they visit our website or when they subscribe to our newsletter.

We are also integrating into our new contact forms a specific request to our site visitors to indicate their explicit consent for us to collect, store, and use their personal information as explained below.


Why do we collect such personal information?

We collect visitors’ personal information when they ask for free advice on their specific business and marketing concerns.  By doing so, we can customize our response to their specific needs or problems.  We collect email addresses so we can inform our subscribers of any developments relevant to their needs or problems and to also inform them of any promotion that we have.


How do we store and use our site visitors’ personal information?

We store our site visitors’ personal information in our computer files which are protected by MacAfee LiveSafe.  We back up these files in our OneDrive account.

We have never directly shared our visitors’ personal information with third parties. But some information may be automatically collected by our website hosting platform and/or third parties they deal with for purposes of analytics, which they process and give us in summary form on our website dashboard.


How do we communicate with our site visitors?

We communicate with our site visitors by email to acknowledge their inquiries, to give them answer or advice regarding specific needs or problems, to thank them for their newsletter subscription, and to send them our newsletters.

Site visitors can opt out of receiving such emails and newsletters anytime.


How can our site visitors withdraw their consent?

Our site visitors can change or delete the collected personal information or withdraw their consent to receive further communication from us by informing us any time of such intention through email at


Do we use cookies and other tracking tools?

Our website has never tracked personal information by using cookies and other tracking tools.

As to third-party services using cookies and other tracking tools, they may have their respective policies on how they collect and store information. Such policies are not within our own Privacy Policy.

As stated by Automattic, ad networks and analytics providers may set tracking technologies to collect information about our website visitors. This information may be used by said companies to analyze and track usage, determine the popularity of certain content, and deliver advertisements targeted to visitors’ interests.

Automattic’s Privacy Notice only covers the collection of information by Automattic and does not cover the collection by any third party.

For more information about how to manage and delete cookies, visit For more information on interest-based ads, including information about how visitors may be able to opt out of having their web browsing information used for behavioral advertising purposes, please visit (US-based) and (EU-based).


Privacy policy updates

We will update our privacy policy as needed.


Questions and our contact information

All questions and concerns can be emailed to and we shall do our best to address these within our knowledge and capability and/or refer same to our hosting platform provider.