DMG focuses on your digital marketing requirements.

Our Digital Marketing Group (DMG) focuses on delivering the results you expect from a thoroughly planned and well executed digital marketing campaign.

These results may include:

  • Brand awareness

  • Target market engagement

  • Lead generation

  • Sales generation

  • Brand loyalty


We develop useful, relevant, and engaging content for the following online channels:

  • Website

  • Blog

  • Social media post

  • Email/Newsletter

  • Online ad


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DMG promotes your content using the following digital techniques:


We monitor and analyze the results. We set in motion continuing performance improvement measures to achieve the desired results.


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While DMG expands our scope of services, we continue to prepare the following business studies for our clients:





Why choose us?

DMG’s specialization in digital marketing plus our experience and expertise in customary marketing and business management provide our clients with a truly holistic and synergistic approach to setting up, managing, and growing their business.

Our unique value proposition is anchored on the following:

  • A holistic and balanced approach to the marketing, technical, and management functions of our client’s business;

  • Application of both online and offline marketing fundamentals;

  • Review and improvement of other critical business operations;

  • More than forty years of business management and marketing experience; and

  • Years of working with clients in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Oceania, and Asia.




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How do we address our clients’ problems/needs?


We study in depth our client’s problems, needs, and situation.

Our assessment and recommendations are the results of thorough research and understanding of our client’s unique business environment – its target market, buyer persona, competition, strengths and weaknesses, challenges and opportunities, and what unique value it can offer to create a positive impact on its customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

To save on cost and time, we do all our work remotely while delivering world-class quality. We can be in touch 24/7 with our clients worldwide.


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Access to international talents

Another advantage of working remotely is our access to talents in different countries who have advanced or specialized skills that are crucial to certain tasks. When necessary, we can tap specialists in specific fields or collaborate with experts who may be indispensable to the successful completion of particular projects.


The PET approach


In our digital marketing engagements, we have effectively implemented our PET approach.  It stands for Planning, Execution, and Training.

From start to finish, we apply the PET approach collaboratively with our clients. We make sure that our clients can successfully do digital marketing on their own after our engagement.


Beyond our value proposition

Forty years of business management and international marketing experience has equipped us with the expertise to know which works and which doesn’t.

As such, we save time, money, and effort for our clients and at the same time provide them with workable results.

While we work remotely, we strive to develop and maintain a close working relationship and harmonious collaboration with our clients.

We maintain a high degree of professionalism and give importance to our clients’ interests, values, and beliefs.

Most important of all – we always try to give our clients a pleasant customer experience.

Our clients can attest to these.