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We prepare business plans, marketing strategies, marketing plans, market studies, and strategic plans.  We also provide online marketing services such as content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Our services are primarily intended to address the needs of would-be entrepreneurs, start-ups, and existing small businesses wherever they are in the world.  These services are anchored on more than thirty years of hands-on experience and expertise in business management and marketing.


  • For investor pitch, securing funding, start-up operations, and business expansion, we prepare the most appropriate business plans that can achieve your intended purpose.  It will also serve as your blueprint for starting and growing your business, and as a basis for eventually assessing your progress.

Test the clarity and viability of your new business concept.

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  • We prepare marketing strategies that can increase your market share, boost your sales, penetrate new markets, develop a strong brand, or improve your competitive positioning.

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  • For a systematic, comprehensive, and measurable implementation of your marketing strategy, we identify marketing tactics and outline tasks that lead to achieving your marketing and sales objectives.


  • To enable you to make informed decisions about potential markets, we conduct research and studies that clearly define your target market, its size, potential, and trend.  Our work also covers competitor analysis, identifying available opportunities, as well as citing existing risks and challenges.  We give you a deeply-researched and well-studied recommendation about your potential markets.


  • For specific information about your existing and potential markets, we conduct deep and comprehensive online research.


  • We formulate your long- and short-term corporate goals, objectives, strategies, and action plans that holistically consider critical functional areas of your organization.


We create a content marketing strategy to:

  • Establish credibility and reputation
  • Build an interested and engaged audience
  • Create brand awareness and recognition

We write content for your website, blog, email, newsletter, social media post, case study/product success story, product/service offers, and other online/offline materials.


We develop a social media marketing strategy that includes:

  • Understanding your target customers
  • Setting your SMM goals
  • Selecting social platforms
  • Outlining the content plan
  • Measuring progress and adjusting the strategy execution for better results


We prepare an email marketing campaign that covers:

  • Understanding your target customers
  • Setting your email marketing goals
  • Planning your email campaign
  • Managing customer data
  • Writing your message
  • Creating call to action (CTA)
  • Creating the landing page
  • Conducting tests for best results
  • Sending the emails
  • Automating your emails
  • Monitoring results and adjusting the strategy execution for better results

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Our approach has always been PRAGMATIC and ATTUNED to our client’s situation and needs, be it in preparing various business studies or providing online services.

What puts us a notch above the rest?  It is the effective combination of business and marketing experience and expertise plus online resources.

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